The Compendium

Bridging the Gap between African and International Law:

Apart from providing an in-depth analysis of the legal framework of the African Court, the Compendium emphasizes a holistic approach to the study of the future African Court of Justice on Human and People’s Rights. By proposing to engage in legal, socio-political and technical support for the future tribunal, the ACRI research team aims to develop both scholarly, practical and other policy solutions to truly complex world problems concerning accountability for gross human rights and humanitarian law violations.

The Compendium, which is to be completed in Phase II of the project, highlights the promises and perils of the Malabo Protocol.

The Compendium Contributors:

1.     Adam Branch (University of Cambridge)

2.     Adejoké Babington-Ashaye (World Bank Administrative Tribunal)

3.     Ademola Abass (University of Ibadan and Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)

4.     Ben Saul (University of Sydney)

5.     Cecily Rose (Leiden University)

6.     Charles Jalloh (Florida International University)

7.     Daniel Ntanda Nsereko and Manuel Ventura (Special Tribunal for Lebanon)

8.     Dire Tladi (University of Pretoria and International Law Commission)

9.     Don Deya (Pan African Lawyer’s Union)

10.  Douglas Guilfoyle (Monash University)

11.  Edwin Bikundo (Griffith University)

12.  Erika De Wet (University of Pretoria)

13.  Frans Viljoen (University of Pretoria)

14.  George Wachira (African Union)

15.  Godfrey Musila (Nuremberg International Principles Academy)

16.  Hannibal Travis (Florida International University)

17.  James Stewart (University of British Columbia) and
Daniella Dam (Leiden University)

18.  Joanna Kyriakakis (Monash University)

19.  John Hatchard (University of Buckingham)

20.  José L. Gómez del Prado (Chair, UN Working Group on Mercenaries)

21.  Kamari Clarke (Carleton University)

22.  Manisuli Sesenyo (Brunel University)

23.  Mark Drumbl (Washington and Lee University)

24.  Matiangai Sirleaf (University Pittsburgh)

25.  Meg deGuzman (Temple University)

26.  Neil Boister (University of Waikato)

27.  Neil Boister (University of Waikato)

28.  Pacifique Manirakiza (University of Ottawa)

29.  Rachel Murray (University of Bristol)

30.  Roland Adjovi (Arcadia University)

31.  Sara Wharton (University of Windsor)

32.  Sergey Sayapin (KIMEP School of Law)

33.  Tim Murithi (Institute for Justice and Reconciliation,
Cape Town)

34.  Tomoya Obokota (Keele University)

35.  Vincent O. Nmehielle (African Union Commission)

36.  Wayne Jordash, QC (Doughty Street Chambers)